How Plastic Surgery is Carried Out?

Reconstructive SurgeryPlastic surgery as you have already read, involves some simpler as well as complex medical procedure for treating the patient. A wide variety of techniques are also used during the surgery. A surgeon doctor is liable to explain and inform the patient’s medical condition and whether he/she is ready for the operation, and the possibility of recovering from the disease. Going through a psychological assessment is common and the doctor does all this in order to make the surgery 100% successful.

Earlier, plastic surgery used to be confined within skin graft technique but improved and better technique is involved nowadays. The other surgery techniques are described below in details-

Skin Grafts and its procedure

Skin graft involves removal of a healthy skin from the body part and it is being used in the affected region of the skin. This is also suitable for bone fractures, extensive wounds etc.

Types of skin grafting-

  • Grafting depending on the thickness of the skin- epidermis layer is top most layer of the skin, followed by that, dermis. Generally dermis is removed, and the body regions that is used are, neck, upper arm, ear region. But it will also depend on the health condition of the patient.
  • Partial skin graft- For performing this type of skin graft, epidermis as well as dermis layer is removed and the damaged area is left for healing. The skin is taken from the thigh region and buttock for conducting the plastic surgery operation.

Apart from using modern equipments, stitches, special glue and clips are used for conducting the operation. The affected area is required to do a proper sterile dressing unless it is stable and connected to other parts thereby ensuring blood supply. This generally takes 5 or more days.

Dressing will be done over the operated region as well as for donor site that means, from the region where skin is being taken. This is important because without dressing, that area might catch infections. The donor portion takes 2 weeks to get healed completely. In case of complete skin grafts, it takes around 10 days to recover, since the area affected is small and it is stitched.

Tissue expansion procedure

This procedure enables the body to grow with the help from extra amount of skin. Extra skin is always used for reconstructing area which needs attention. Here are some examples of tissue expansion which includes reconstructing breast, and repairing extensive wounds.

An expander, a device which resembles a balloon is used under skin, specifically near injured areas. Gradually salt water is filled in, this further allows the skin to stretch as well as grow.

The expander is always accompanied with a general anesthetic.

It is very hard at times for a surgeon to be able to confidently admit about the time he/she may take to complete the procedure. Operating a human body is something very complex and beyond the grip of general human minds to understand. If the size of the affected area is larger, it will take more time.

As soon as the skin is done expanding in a sufficient way, another operation is followed and new tissue is repositioned.

The reason for following this technique is to ensure that, color of the skin remain similar state and texture. This also lowers the chance of failure for this operation, this is possible because the skin is connected and there is a constant blood supply.

Flap surgery details

As already mentioned, this requires the transference of living tissue from one part of the body to other, with blood vessel to make sure the tissue is alive. This technique is used for reconstruction of the breast, large wounds, fractures etc. Most of the cases, skin remains attached to body part and it form a flap and in the need it is repositioned and at the same time stitched concentrating the damaged area.

Risks Associated with Plastic Surgery

Surgeons perform cosmetic surgery in the operatingThe risk factor is always associated with tough surgery procedure like plastic surgery, complications might occur. Then again the chance of rick will depend on various factors such as, size of the tissue, overall health condition of the patient undergoing the surgery. It also depends on the surgeon carrying out the surgery, only one wrong decision or altering the tissues without checking properly may lead to further health complications. Here are some common risk factors-

  • Discomfort and continuous pain.
  • Infection may occur, in some cases.
  • Scar marks
  • If the blood supply is restricted, it usually deteriorates the affected area of the skin.
  • the failure of the repaired area of skin, due to a restricted blood supply

Why you should go for plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery involves correcting marks from the skin present at the time of birth, or to repair tissue or the skin if damaged by disease or injury. This kind of surgery gives a new look to a person, so it is able to make people more confident about the way they look. But apart from the look, the interior tissue and the body functions in a weird way which the common people can’t understand. It is the basic need to understand that priority should be given to treat the affected area rather than trying to modify the natural beauty you possess from the birth.

Plastic surgery can be applicable for correcting various defects which includes-

  • Palate and cleft lip, this is considered as a defect that occurs right at the time of birth. It affects the upper portion of the mouth and top lip as well.
  • Removing the birth marks and haemangiomas.
  • Craniosynostosis- extremely rare problem which leads to deformed shape of the head when a baby is born.
  • Hypospadias- This problem is faced by boys, the tube which carries urine is the urethra and due to biological problems, the urethra is found underside of the male organ.
  • Hand and ear problems- Many are born with webbed finger, at some point of time, if you are willing to change them, plastic surgery is required. People may born with unusual ear size, also known as microtia.

Plastic Surgery is also useful for fighting acquired problems:

  • Treating cancer- repairing cancerous tissue which is done to alter the appearance of face or even the breast.
  • Trauma- repair severely damaged tissues due to fractures or even animal bite.
  • Fighting infection- removal of dead tissues and thereby repairing that area.
  • Sever Burn- burning often leads to horrendous accidents and it may change your appearance for the rest of your life. To introduce some modification plastic surgery virginia  can be helpful to help such patients.
  • Many other typical conditions- Dupuytren’s contracture, osteoarthritis, facial palsy and etc.

Know every important detail about Plastic Surgery

Doctor Completing A Blood Test FormDealing with surgery, it can be of any kind, always requires special care and attention from the doctor. Out of numerable surgery ways, one of them is plastic surgery which involves repairing as well as reshaping skin, damaged tissues or to treat an injury present right from the birth.

Main purpose for doing a plastic surgery is to make sure that tissue and the skin functions properly. If you are aware about current trend about plastic surgery, then you will know that plastic surgery has now become a means of altering the body parts. It should be remembered that, reshaping the body part can be termed as secondary aim.

Purpose for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is mainly used for repair:

  • Repairing abnormalities which stayed right from the time of birth, for instance palate or cleft lip and birthmarks.
  • Plastic surgery becomes necessary in case of treating the areas in the body get damaged due to the removal of cancerous tissue.
  • Due to burn or any other injuries.
  • Last but not the least; plastic surgery can be used for helping a person to recover confidence in them, depending on their surgery.

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Getting plastic surgery done

Plastic surgery carried out due to reconstructive purposes or for any other purpose, need to consult by an experienced as well as reputed hospital. Most of the country and hospital provides plastic surgery.

Plastic surgeons perform the operation along with the help from trainee doctors who belongs to this serious profession.

Plastic Surgery is also carried out by private organization but one thing is sure, that, one is expected to spend fat sum of money. It is better to stay on the safe side by consulting with your doctor before going for a plastic surgery operation from a private organization.

Here is some variety of techniques involved in plastic surgery

With the introduction of modern surgical equipments, the reconstruction procedure involved in a plastic surgery can now use the following technique-

  • Skin graft- Fresh and undamaged skin is taken out from the body and it is used for affected area for replacing the wounds and the way the scar looks.
  • Flap surgery (skin) – In this procedure, a tissue from the body is passed on and transferred to another, with blood vessel keeping it alive. This type of surgery is termed as flap surgery because, the healthy tissue remains attached to body and it is just repositioned.
  • Expansion of the tissue- at times it is required to stretch the body as it enables us to grow, near a tissue, this helps to have extra skin.

Apart from these techniques, plastic surgeons are allowed to use other methods for carrying out a successful operation. Some of the other methods applied by the doctors, grafting ( fat is separated from one particular region of body and put in other area, for enabling unevenness), vacuum closure ( suction procedure is involved on the wound by using a sterile foam which sucks out the fluid from the wound gradually), using prosthetic device ( artificial limbs) and many more.